Frequently Asked Questions

We lease any make and model of vehicle, new or pre-owned. The choice is yours. We can also take advantage of manufacturer programs offering special interest rates or cash back. We are not committed to any manufacturer which in short means an unbiased opinion and total flexibility.

Can I lease a pre-owned car?

Simply put, yes! At East Metro we believe in late model leasing. The benefits include, saving first year depreciation and overall lease costs are less. If you have a specific product in mind that is not in our inventory chances are we can find it for you.

Where do you get your cars?

We buy from other dealers, often taking off make quality trades, such as a Honda from a Ford dealer or a Toyota from a G.M. dealer. We have a constant influx of high quality pre-owned vehicles to choose from. East Metro has more than 500 vehicles on lease at any given time, and our inventory changes on a daily basis. We also purchase vehicles from manufacturer finance companies, such as, BMW Finance, Honda Canada Credit and Ford of Canada Credit, to name just a few.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes we do. Since only the best go on our lot, we will endeavor to get you the highest possible trade in value for your vehicle. Dont forget if you own your vehicle you are entitled to a tax savings on the trade value. Whether you buy or lease your next vehicle.

What is the difference between leasing and buying?

Leasing is just another way of financing the new vehicle of your choice. For many, its an easy way to acquire a new vehicle more frequently, with lower monthly payments. Plus, it offers a variety of flexible monthly terms.

If I found my own used car would you lease it?

Not only would we lease it but I we would use all the resources available to insure you are getting what you are asking for History, service records, ownerships, accidents. We would even go as far as arranging a third party inspection and shipping if you found your vehicle in the States.